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Idaho Falls Signing

For those in the IF area, I’ll be at the Barnes and Noble this Saturday, amid the chaos of the holiday shoppers, signing books and chatting away. Drop by and say hello, if you dare brave the crowds. The time for this thing is 1–3.

Also, there appears to be cover art up for The Way of Kings. The book I never published, but Amazon is selling anyway! (Long story. I was planning to publish this book, but eventually swapped to Mistborn. I have no idea why Amazon has a listing for the novel, since Tor never put it in any catalogues. We changed too quickly.)

Thanks to those of you who’ve posted your amusing reviews of a book that doesn’t exist. You’ve certainly made me laugh. Also, David Wood, you are a loon. I had no idea that imaginary Terry Goodkind had cover quoted my imaginary book! What an imaginary honor . . .

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