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I am a goof off + Amphigory

The great week of goofing off continues! Went out to lunch with an old friend yesterday, and am probably gonna go out today too. I haven’t written a word (I know, very strange for me) and have instead been killing demons and making my little anime characters get tougher and tougher by having them fight pointless battles against little cactus men. It’s enchanting!

I will note that my corruption of my wife continues. I’ve managed to get her to play a little bit of Final Fantasy X, which–in my opinion–is the one in the series that has the best story, save maybe for six. Anyway, she says she enjoys it, but that may just be her humoring me again. She did make me learn how to waltz yesterday as payback for her learning to play magic. Curses! How quickly that backfired on me.

And now, some post-Christmas silliness:

Need a hint? His name is right here. Need the answer? Check the file name.

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