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Well, folks, I can safely say that I know ONE reason why the book has been so tough to find for some people. We got numbers for last week today, and they look pretty darn good. Bookscan (the Nielsen ratings for books) lists MISTBORN: WELL OF ASCENSION as the #3 hardback fantasy of the week, right behind Tolkien at #1 and Laurel K. Hamilton at #2. I’ll take #3 behind that short list. If you include SF books in the list, we drop down to #6, since that adds heavyweights like the new DUNE book and the new Stephenson novel.

All things considered, that’s very good for a little book like mine. We were up 75% in sales from book one of the series a great number, and there was much jubilation from my editor and agent.

This is, of course, tempered by worry. Since Barnes and Noble has the book on NO REPLENISH in their system for some reason, that means the book is pretty much sold out at a large number of their stores, with no re-order planned. Sounds crazy, I know, but sometimes the bureaucracy in this business is downright frustrating.

So, if you’re looking to read and find out what all the hoopla is about on this book, you’ll need to go to Borders (who decided to order plenty of copies, then just reordered more and stuck them in floor displays in most of the stores) or to Waldenbooks–or, to your local independent. Amazon or Booksense are other good options.

And, if you’re a fan of Barnes and Noble, it would help if when you visit them you’d complain about the lack of copies of Mistborn 2. If you order from them and make them bring it in, then they’ll probably order more copies of Mistborn 3, realizing their mistake with the second book.

Anyway, by way of celebration, here’s a completely unrelated but still quite stupid pun. Think you know it? Post on my lj or my facebook with your guesses.

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