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How you know you married the right girl (+ Annotation)

First off, New Annotation! This is a good one, the first really meaty one for the book, I think. It’s got hidden text and everything. So, enjoy!

All right, so Saturday was Pemberly’s birthday. (She, by the way, is a good three months older than I am. I take every opportunity I can to point that out.)

We were at dinner at one of her favorite restaurants. Now, I am a husband who likes very much to see to the needs of his wife. When she, therefore, mentioned that she was in a silly mood, I hastened to do some silly things in order to accommodate her mood.

That was, of course, my only motivation. Her needs. Yup, I’m all about her needs. That’s why I took up my straw and fired a bit of ice directly at her.

She, however, was rather annoyed at this. (She did manage to keep a straight face, though she had to grit her teeth against the cold to keep from crying out as the bit of ice slid down her skin. Very impressive.)

I pointed out that she’d said she was in a silly mood, to which she replied “Well, now I’m in a serious mood.”

I replied. “Well, then. Let us discus something serious. How about Mitosis?”

Her reply? It was instant, without even a heartbeat of thought. “That’s great. Mitosis cold. Sometimes, mitosis hot. And, occasionally, mitosis even dirty.”

Ah, I love that girl.

|   Castellano