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Holiday Shipping Deadlines + Updates

Below you’ll find the holiday deadlines for the Brandon Sanderson Store. But before then, some updates!

Writing Excuses has three episodes I haven’t mentioned yet. All were recorded at Westercon or FantasyCon. First up, Mette Ivie Harrison and J.R. Johannson joined us to talk about writing for the mystery genre. Next, the incomparable Peter S. Beagle joined us to talk about getting in the writer’s mindset. Finally, M. Todd Gallowglass joined us to talk about tools for writing from oral storytelling.

National Novel Writing Month started two days ago, and I will be providing a NaNoWriMo pep talk in week 3. Until then, StoryBundle still has their NaNoWriMo Writing Tools Bundle of DRM-free ebooks available, including Shadows Beneath: the Writing Excuses Anthology.

Holiday Deadlines

Here are the deadlines for ordering items in order to receive them by December 24:

November 20: Personalized books, whether you live in the US or internationally. Ordering earlier than this is even safer.

December 1: Non-personalized items for international delivery.

December 15: Non-personalized items for delivery inside the US.

The Brandon Sanderson Store has signed books, apparel, prints, decals, and jewelry. We’ll also have some new items just in time for the holidays. Expect an announcement on these around November 15.

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