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Hero of Ages leatherbound, Children of the Nameless AMA + Updates

Adam here. I want to begin this final blog post of the year with some good news. The Dragonsteel leatherbound edition of The Hero of Ages has arrived! Many of the Dragonsteel Minions have been working long (and often very late hours) to get these books ready to ship out next week—or as quickly as Brandon can get them signed. If you’re not familiar with these versions, these are special editions that we release to celebrate the book’s original publication ten years earlier. You can see all of them on Brandon’s website store.

If you’re hoping to get a personalized copy of this book, we will open the personalization option again once all the pre-ordered leatherbound Hero of Ages have shipped. I’m sure we will announce when personalizations are again available on Brandon’s social media channels, so watch there.

Brandon was able to hop over and do an AMA (ask me anything) on Reddit earlier this month for his Magic the Gathering novel Children of the Nameless (which is free to download). If you’re not familiar with this book, you should check out this post from Brandon from a few weeks ago. While Brandon isn’t answering any further questions from this AMA I thought many of you would find it interesting to browse. While you’re there, you can read Brandon’s first update for Stormlight 4.

In this week’s new Writing Excuses episode, Working Dad is a Spaceman, Howard, Mary, and Dan, with NASA astronaut Thomas Marshburn who is both spaceman and parent, talks about what it’s like to be both.

Last week, in’s continuing reread of Oathbringer, Taravangian is having a genius day. He fools his testers into thinking that he’s not having a “so intelligent he’s dangerous” day and proceeds to begin tearing up the Diagram, looking for hints and codes that cannot be deciphered when the pages are bound. When Adrotagia calls him out for his deception, he shoves her out of the room and continues, finally coming to the conclusion that Dalinar is not to be killed, now—they’re past that point. Now he must be dethroned as leader of the Coalition, to make room for Taravangian to take his place and hence be in a better place to negotiate directly with Odium. This week, in Interlude 6, Venli and several of the remaining Listeners await the coming Everstorm, promised by Ulim that it will bring them more power. But when it passes, Venli realizes that they had been misled. Her friends are gone, their souls destroyed and their bodies claimed by the ancient Listener gods. She alone remains, destined for some greater purpose by Odium. In the aftermath of her grief, a strange spren appears, which Venli hides, certain that the creatures residing within the bodies of her friends will destroy it.

|   Castellano