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Sorry I missed July. I thought I’d posted something! To make up for it, I made certain to post something extra special for August. So, you can read several deleted scenes involving a character that got cut from the final version of ELANTRIS. There’s a lot of material there–I ended up cutting the equivalent of three short chapters–so I hope you enjoy reading. Be warned that there are some spoilers in these scenes. Even though they didn’t make it into the book, they originally happened near the end of the story, and reference things that DID make it into the final version.

In addition, I made certain that there are two new annotations scheduled to appear this week. (Standard days–Monday and Friday.)

In other exciting news, my car is dead! Wow. Being immobile is somewhat frustrating. Paying a lot of money for a new engine is nearly as frustrating, however. I was driving home on the freeway, talking to Chimera on the phone, and wasn’t paying attention to the heat gauge on my dash. (Who really watches that thing all the time anyway?)

Next thing I know it, my engine was overheating. I pulled over, but I’d already done irreparable damage (we think.) So…yeah. I’m supposed to get money from France next week, so I know where that’s going!

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