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GenCon Folks… (Plus Annotation)

I really should have posted this earlier, eh? But if any of you are at Gencon right now (or know someone who is there) I’ve got an offer for you. If you want to buy me one of these, I’d trade you something cool for it! (Oh, like say a signed advance copy of Mistborn 3, a signed foreign edition of Elantris in the language of your choice, or a group of rare signed Mistborn event plastic board Posters.) There’s only one day left of Gencon, though, and these are probably going fast, so you’d have to hurry. Drop me an email if you’re in a position to grab one.

Ah, once again my Magic addiction gets the better of me. But, come on, it’s DRAGONS. Who wouldn’t want a whole box of ALL Dragon cards? I mean, really.

I suppose I should post something useful for the rest of you. Mistborn 2 Annotation: Chapter Forty-One. This is one of my better annotations for this book, I think, with some talk of prequels to the series and a look at my views on situational ethics.

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