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Game + Idea + Annotation

Play this game. It’s fun. Reminds me of the Grow games done over at Eyemaze, but with a different flavor. It’s not terribly long, but I like the art and the problem-solving.

Also, how about a story prompt?

IDEA OF THE DAY: Dump planet. Write a story about a planet that has, for one reason or another, become a dumping grounds. Other planets use it as their junkyard, or maybe their nuclear waste dump.

So, you hear all of those stories about people in various cities not wanting a nuclear waste dump near them, or people in certain neighborhoods protesting plans for a new landfill nearby. What if this happened on a galactic scale? What if one planet ended up being the dumping grounds for an entire system or set of systems? You’d have to consider several things. First, is there something that could get dumped there that would make for an interesting and unique story? Second, why don’t the dumpers simply shoot the waste (whatever it is) into the sun? Why not just leave it floating in space? Why dump on this planet? How does it affect the people who live there? Did they decide to do this for economic reasons, or did they get the waste forced on them?

In a completely unrelated note, here’s a new Mistborn Annotation: Part Three Wrap Up

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