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Fun Times + Annotation

Okay, so Alcatraz IS indeed being shipped by Amazon. I’ve also had confirmations that it’s out on shelves in at least three states.

I’m not annoyed, really, to have the book come out this much ahead of what I was told. But it does throw things off a little bit. I don’t have the Alcatraz website done, and a lot of my readers just dropped 28 bucks to grab Mistborn 2. I don’t like that we’ve got another book out so close to the other release, even if this one is a lot cheaper than my Tor hardbacks.

It does, however, make things really nice for promotion–I can tour when both books are fresh. Also, people who finish MB2 and want more to read will be able to grab Alcatraz now without having to wait.

Anyway, I think it’s time to start up the Annotations for Mistborn 2. Here’s one for the title page.

Also, because I can, random link to a funny comic. (EDIT–No link to funny comic, since I can’t link to a specific one in the archives, just the main page. Stupid comic.)

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