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Free Mistborn Ebook! (Again)

If you didn’t catch the news earlier, Tor has decided to re-launch, its official website. To promote the site, they started offering free ebooks from some of their authors. You signed up for their newsletter, then got a link to a new ebook each week via email.

Well, is going live next week. For this one last week, they’ve put up access to all of the ebooks they gave out during the promotion. MISTBORN: THE FINAL EMPIRE (first of my trilogy) was one of the books they chose to give away, and so–for a short time–you can get it again. They’ve got both a pdf and an html version for download.

As many of you know, I support giving away books for free. My experience has been that readers love to own books, and they’ll often purchase copies even if they’ve read the book. (Or, at the very least, buy the sequel when it comes out.) So go ahead and grab yourself a copy!

In other news, here’s a tidbit for any of you who live in the area of Cedar City Utah. I was passing through, and happened to stop at a local bookstore–Mountain West Books–and they had a paperback copy of ELANTRIS and one hardcover of MISTBORN: THE WELL OF ASCENSION. I sighed them, of course, so if you live down that direction and have wanted a signed copy of either book, you can go pick up one of these and support your local independent bookseller!

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