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MTG: Children of the Nameless release
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Final holiday shipping deadline

Peter here. Brandon’s other assistant Becky wanted me to make one more blog post about signed book shipping. So that books shipped inside the U.S. by Priority Mail may arrive in time for Christmas, all orders must be in by midnight the night of December 12th. Becky will get Brandon to sign everything the next day, after which she will ship all orders.

She’ll also ship out standard Media Mail orders at that time, but Christmas Eve delivery on those can’t be guaranteed. And it’s basically too late for international orders to arrive in time, but she’ll ship any of those out too anyway.

We ran out of our local stock of Mistborn Steel Alphabet Medallions, so the Mistborn Holiday Bundle is sold out. But you can still order the Trilogy or the 5-Pack, and you can also get the Steel Alphabet Medallion separately (like the rest of the jewelry, it will be shipped straight from Badali so we can’t throw it in the box with the books). Or you can get separate volumes, including THE GATHERING STORM. Brandon will personalize signed books however you like.

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