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Final Annotation

Well, here you go. That’s the last of them. I did 99 annotation entries for ELANTRIS, I believe. I do hope that you enjoyed them. They represent quite a bit of work for me, but I really wanted to offer something different on my website. A lot of writers have blogs, and a lot of them say interesting things, and I didn’t really think that I could compete there. So, instead, I focused on what–hopefully–brought you to my website in the first place. The books!

I will be doing annotations for MISTBORN starting in late July, after it gets published. For now, I still want to update often on the site here, so I’ll be posting small sections of deleted scenes, or other interesting items I come up with. I’ll try to stick to the M/W schedule for these posts, with other interesting posts during the week, hopefully with more idea of the day suggestions.

ELANTRIS comes out in paperback tomorrow! I’ve confirmed that local bookstores have it in stock, so if you’ve been waiting for the book to get cheaper, your time is now at hand! And, if you still want a copy in hardback and you live in the area, the Borders at Fashion Place in Salt Lake has hardbacks, and the ever-cool Waldenbooks in the Provo Towne Centre Mall has them as well.

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