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Final 2016 Sanderson Lecture + Updates

Brandon’s assistant Adam here. Due to the overwhelming number of people who request for Brandon to work on Oathbringer (Stormlight 3) and nothing else, I asked Brandon if he wouldn’t mind if I took the weekly update posts off his plate to give him more time to devote to the enormous writing endeavor that is the Stormlight Archive. Most of what you see on the website will continue to be written by Brandon, but he gave me leave to periodically post fanart and cosplays across his social media platforms alongside the weekly updates he likes to give to his readers.

The Weekly Update!

The final installment (a catch-all Q&A) of the 2016 Sanderson Lectures is now live! If you missed Episode 11, it was “Dialogue and Agents,” and you can catch up on all the videos here. Enjoy!

In this week’s new Writing Excuses episode, The Editor’s Wish List, Navah Wolfe—an editor at Saga Press—sits down with the Writing Excuses crew to discuss the manuscripts she would like to see.

For those of you who followed’s reread for Words of Radiance, which recently reached its conclusion, I have some exciting news for you: The great Alice Arneson just introduced Tor’s reread for Warbreaker, which will begin on Thursday.

Our own Isaac Stewart, cartographer extraordinaire and art director for Brandon, was recently interviewed for the Imaginary World Podcast. This particular episode, Fantasy Maps, talks about the debt modern cartographers owe to J.R.R. Tolkien, who spent decades mapping out Middle-earth on graph paper because everything had to be invented from scratch. It’s a fun podcast and well worth the listen.

The Twitter post archive for October is up to date.

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