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FAQ: Will there be a sequel to ELANTRIS?

Here’s one I get quite a bit. A lot of people loved ELANTRIS, and want to know when/if I’ll be writing a sequel.  So, here’s my official answer:

One of the things I really wanted to do with ELANTRIS was make it a stand alone. I think that the fantasy field is too cluttered with series that should have ended long ago, and I–personally–am tired of waiting for years between books in my favorite series.  I am a little annoyed in particular when new writers release a series straight off, since I–as a reader–haven’t been convinced that their writing deserves the investment of time a series takes.

However, more and more, I’m feeling that someday I will write a sequel to Elantris. A lot of people seem to want one, and there is a lot of the story that I’ve left untold–the origin of the Seons, the reason that the Dor and the landscapes are linked, the Fjordell magic. Doing book tours for Elantris and reading emails from readers has reminded me of all the wonderful things I wanted to do with that world.

So, I’ve begun to unofficially work on ideas for a second book, but they are only in embryo right now.  My main focus is the Mistborn series.  You see, when I first wrote Elantris, I wasn’t certain whether or not it would get published. So, I started working on other projects while I tried to sell it.  Mistborn was one of those projects.  Once I sold Elantris, Tor wanted something else from me ASAP, and so they bought Mistborn as well.  (In the same contract, actually.)  So, I thought it better to focus on the series I was working on at the time, rather than returning to the Elantris world immediately, which was by then several years old to me. 

Elantris was my first published book.  It is very special to me.  And so, when I do write a sequel, I want it to be right and work right, so I’m going to take my time on it.  In the mean time, my next projects are the remaining Mistborn books, the Alcatraz series, and Warbreaker.  Anyone who liked Elantris should find a whole lot to enjoy in these books, and you can rest confident that someday you’ll be able to return to Opelon.  It’s just a few years off still. 

|   Castellano