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FAQ: Will there be a sequel to ELANTRIS?

I get this one an awful lot, and so I thought I should finally address it officially on the website. I can’t remember if I’ve ever talked about this before on the blog, (I think maybe I did) but I know I haven’t done a FAQ entry. So, here goes.

One of the things I really wanted to do with ELANTRIS was make it a stand alone. I think that the fantasy field is too cluttered with series that should have ended years ago, and I–personally–am tired of waiting for years between books in my favorite series. So, when people asked me if there would be a sequel, I used to respond “Maybe.”

However, more and more, I’m feeling that someday I will write a sequel to ELANTRIS. A lot of people seem to want one, and there is a lot of the story that I’ve left untold–the origin of the Seons, the reason that the Dor and the landscapes are linked, the Fjordell magic. Doing book tours and reading emails from readers has reminded me of all the wonderful things I wanted to do with the world of Opelon.

So, the official word right now is yes: I will most likely be doing a sequel to ELANTRIS. I don’t know WHEN I’ll do one, but I eventually will.

Thus ends the FAQ entry. You can read previous entries on the FAQ page.

Life is good. I’m finally beginning to get over the fatigue of the book tour and the holidays. I’m back to being a recluse–today, I didn’t know that there had been any snow until I finally opened the garage door to leave at around 4:30 pm. The rest of the day I spent answering emails, brainstorming for my next project, and playing good old FFXII.

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