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Family + Annotation

So, my brother spilled half a bowl of scalding-hot ramen onto his legs during D&D last night. That, in itself, is kind of strange. Yet, more surreal was the way he reacted to it. There were kids in the room, and so rather than swear or scream, he just gritted his teeth and let out this incredibly manly roar. It was seriously like I was watching some torture scene from a Rambo movie–there was Sprig, sitting there and with his muscles clinched, his eyes narrowed, his jaw clenched, like he was staring down invisible communists while they ripped off his fingers one by one.

After the growl, he finally stood up, and mentioned “Wow, that really hurts,” in this conversational joking tone.

In addition, we have my wife. Who is taking the day off of work so that she can sit at home and grade papers. You heard me right. She is taking the day OFF to get NO PAY so that she can get work done without people bugging her. (On Fridays, because of block schedule and oddness, she doesn’t actually have any students in her classroom–she has planning periods. Which she is going to do at home without pay.) I tell you, people say that science fiction geeks are a strange bunch–but that’s just because they don’t know enough teachers.

Here’s your annotation: Chapter Twenty-Two Part Two

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