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Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with everything. I would have thought that I’d have more time for writing, now that I can do it full time. However, sometimes I dream of the simple days–back when I worked full time, but had a graveyard shift. Back then, life was actually quite simple. I could just putter about and write my books in the silence of night. I had quite a good excuse for staying up until early morning.

Now, I just have so many distractions. Going to schools to do presentations. Teaching at BYU. Doing booksignings. Answering emails from readers and from editors. And then, add on top of that the whole getting married thing….

Not that I mind any of that. It’s great to be able to make a living at writing, and it’s certainly great to be getting married. (Have to watch myself. Emily reads the blog, after all….)

Still, I find myself wondering where all of my writing time went.

Idea of the Day: Write a story about a race that lives very short lives. How would they approach living differently from the humans they interact with?

The concept fascinates me. Even as I talk about not having enough time, I consider all of the time that I actually waste.

How would life be different for a race of beings that only lived ten years? How would it impact their mating, their society, their professional lives, and their interactions?

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