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European tour continues in Barcelona & Lisbon, RPG ebook Humble Bundle + Updates

Adam here. Sorry about missing last week’s update post; I have been traveling in Europe with Brandon (mostly, but I will get to that in a minute) and didn’t have good internet access. So if you have been lost—or as I like to imagine it, wallowing in the pit of despair—without my weekly update, for this I am sorry. I will try to make it up to you.

I took a small jaunt away from Brandon for a few days to see a few of the sites in other nearby countries, and I thought it would be fun to take signed bookplates to stuff into Brandon’s books as I came across bookshops during my travels. I didn’t achieve the level of success I had envisioned—two clerks in a Kraków, Poland, bookshop didn’t want any part of my mission—but I was able to find a few shops in Prague (I really enjoyed this cover of Calamity) who were carrying some of Brandon’s works. The Kanzelsberger A.s. and Knihkupectví Academia bookshops, both on Václavské nám, were both faux “Brandalized.” I will continue doing this throughout the rest of Brandon’s tour, so keep an eye on these weekly updates, or Brandon’s Twitter and Facebook feeds, to find out where.

Starting tomorrow (Thursday) and through this weekend, Brandon will be doing three events in Barcelona. Then on Monday he’ll be in Lisbon for a signing. See his events page for details.

Weekly Update

Humble Bundle has put up a fantasy/sf RPG ebook bundle that features three of Crafty Games’ Mistborn Adventure Game books. This is running for only two weeks, so if you haven’t had a chance to pick up these RPG books yet, this is a good chance.

The first round of this year’s Goodreads Choice Awards is now open for voting, and Brandon has two books nominated: The Bands of Mourning in Fantasy, and Calamity in Young Adult Fantasy & Science Fiction.

In this week’s new Writing Excuses episode, Horrifying the Children, with Darren Shan, the Writing Excuses crew with the aid of Darren Shan (Cirque du Freak or any of fifty other books), breaks down writing horror for children and young adults.

Last week, in chapter one reread for Warbreaker, we met the Idrian royal family and were introduced to the political tensions that drive much of the plot. This week, in chapter two, the sisters express their dissatisfaction with the exchange in no uncertain terms, and another plot-critical decision is reached.

And with the announcement last week that DMG Entertainment has optioned the entire Cosmere series for film, with a movie for The Way of Kings fast-tracked for production, has put up a dream cast post for that movie. Check it out.

The Twitter post archive for October is up to date.

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