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EUOLogy #16: Christmas Humbugs

So, here’s a Christmas editorial for you all. If you have no interest in religous-themed rants, you might want to go read one of my writing editorials.

This time of year, I’m getting tired of seeing films, reading essays, or hearing sermons about the ‘true meaning of Christmas.’ Now, here’s the thing. I’m a practicing Christian. I believe in the message of the gospel. However, even someone devout like myself can get a little tired of all this. So, I would like to make an assertion. The true meaning of Christmas, people, is simple: presents.

Don’t try and deny it. You may go to a special church service this time of year, or maybe sing a few carols. But how much time do you spend shopping? Wrapping? Giving gifts? My little sister just spent hours and hours preparing a special ‘National Treasure’ themed treasure-hunt Christmas gift for her friend. (Complete with fake guns, costumes, and a secret message written in ultraviolet ink on the back of a beat-up copy of the Declaration of Independence.) People do all kinds of crazy things like that this year. Right now, the women in my extended family are having a ‘present-wrapping extravaganza.’ They’ve been at it for hours, with no end in sight.

The thing is, I’m not complaining. Why complain? Because presents are overcoming the ‘true meaning of Christmas?’ Face it, folks. This is a commercial holiday. Its become part of our secular culture.

Recently, I’ve seen Christians lamenting the typical worries—that people are trying to take the ‘Christ’ out of Christmas. I say, let them take him out of it! Really, is there any reason why we have to celebrate Christ’s birthday with trees, lights, parties, and general hoopla? I think the whole thing is ostentatious, and inappropriate for a religious celebration. However, for a winter festival—complete with a flying fat man and bags of presents—it’s just fine. So, I say let the world have its X-Mas. Let it have Santa, let it have the trees, let it have the parties and the festivities. Let them remove Christ completely from this holiday; it never really suited him anyway. We all know most of the trimmings involved with it were stolen from pagan roots anyway.

Celebrate Christ’s birth some other time. Have a solemn commemoration, as the concept of a religious leader’s birth deserves. Leave Christmas to its insanity. Personally, I consider the two events to really be two different holidays. One, Christmas, is about commercialization and festivities—so there’s really no way to ‘ruin’ or ‘sensationalize’ it. That’s all just part of the holiday. The other, Christ’s birth, is a religious holiday celebrated in the hearts of believers—and so there’s really no way to taint or soil that, either. The only outward expression of it is solemnity and piousness.

If I had my way, I’d move the celebration of Christ’s birth to another day completely. That’s not possible on a large scale, obviously. However, we can—as religious people—stop acting so indignant and offended when generally good-meaning people try to have their winter festival, and forget to mention our God as part of their celebrations.

|   Castellano