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Elantris Hardcovers For Sale

Yesterday evening we added signed, personalized copies of ELANTRIS in hardcover to the store. These work just like the MISTBORN ones I offered in January. Also, if you missed yesterday’s post because of the holiday, have a look. I posted some interesting things.

The ELANTRIS hardcovers actually cost me a lot more than the MISTBORN ones, so I can’t sell them quite as cheaply. (Which feels odd, since ELANTRIS had a lower cover price than MISTBORN.) Still, I am able to offer them at a couple of bucks off of cover price for now. This will go up to $25 mid march. I’m not sure how quickly these will sell, but I don’t have nearly as many as I do of MISTBORN. They should last until then, but I can’t guarantee anything. So, if you want an ELANTRIS hardcover, now is the time!

I’ll post WARBREAKER and annotations tomorrow.

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