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ELANTRIS Back in Stock + Sanderson 5-Pack Sale

On the heels of signed copies of WARBREAKER coming to my online store a couple of weeks ago, signed copies of ELANTRIS are now finally back in stock. I think it’s been over a year—maybe over two—since we ran out of copies and had to pull it from the store. Well, I was finally able to get my hands on some fresh copies from the fourth printing that Tor did recently, so if you’ve been wondering how to get ELANTRIS, now’s your chance.

The best way to get a book signed is to come see me when I’m signing near you. Sometimes the bookstore hosting me will order in hardcover copies of my oldest books like ELANTRIS. But since bookstores are less likely to have one of my hardcovers when it’s been out for a year and a paperback has already been released, at that time I start offering it on my site.

Right now, until THE WAY OF KINGS is released on August 31st, all of my solo adult fantasy books have been out in hardcover for over a year. So I’m offering a bundle of all five of them—ELANTRIS, the Mistborn trilogy, and WARBREAKER—at a discount until that day. If you want the complete set signed and personalized, this is your best bet ever. I’ll also throw in a paperback of ALCATRAZ VERSUS THE EVIL LIBRARIANS. (It’s a humorous fantasy for the middle-grade market, but adults enjoy it too. If you’ve never read it, you’ll probably like it more than you expected.)

So that’s two specials ending on August 31st—the WARBREAKER discount and the 5-Pack discount.

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