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Ebooks on sale, Writing Excuses, Goodreads & Updates

As of this writing, Steelheart is still on sale for $4.79 on the US Kindle store, Nook, and Google Play. Additionally, The Way of Kings is on sale for $1.99 on the US Kindle store and the iBookstore. As these are sales that the individual stores are putting on rather than the publisher, they’re not something that we have any idea how long to expect to last.

This week’s Writing Excuses writing advice show was recorded with a live audience at Gen Con and has us answering the following questions with guest Wesley Chu:

  • How do you write 1st-person POV from a gender other than your own?
  • Do you have a set schedule for writing time?
  • How do you boost your word count without padding, AND without adding characters?
  • How can prose be used to convey emotion without stating character feelings outright?

Steelheart, The Rithmatist, and A Memory of Light are up for votes in the Goodreads Choice Awards semifinal round. Looks like The Rithmatist got enough write-in votes in the previous round to be added to this round. Since you can only vote for one book in each category, vote splitting is going to be an issue in the YA science fiction/fantasy category. Of course, you should vote for the book you feel is the most deserving, whether it’s one of mine or not!’s reread of The Way of Kings hit a critical flashback chapter: chapter 44, “The Weeping.” They also started a series of articles on magic in The Way of Kings, and the first one talks about stormlight and the Nahel bond.

There’s an interview with me (mostly about Steelheart) over at Read Sleep Repeat. Also, before the Magic draft last week I sat down to chat with Dungeon Crawlers Radio for an hour on a bunch of different topics. I have another Magic draft next week.

And another reminder to check the holiday shipping deadlines in my store, if you want to order signed books (including the convention exclusive), jewelry, shirts, or other items you might want to give as gifts.

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