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Dutch Elantris, Signing in Denver + Annotation

First off, New Annotation for Mistborn!

Second off, check out the coolness here at this link to a Dutch website. The Dutch version of Elantris is out! This is very exciting. I love seeing the new interpretations of my work. So, now there are three foreign versions out (of the thirteen languages we sold.) Dutch, Spanish, and Japanese.

Utterly cool. And, in other utter coolness, I’ll be attending the Mountains and Plains Book Fair this weekend, Friday to Saturday. I’ll be doing a signing in Denver while I’m there. Look for me at the Waldenbooks in the Cherry Creek Shopping Center at 12:00 on Saturday, the 16th.

The address is 3000 E 1st Ave #221

Phone number for directions is: (303)377-4432

If you live in Denver, please consider stopping by to say hello!


(p.s. Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful. It would be a shame if that got in the way of your hating me because I make fun of you. –the editor.)

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