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Dumbest Amphigory Ever + Scribbler

Okay, this is–quite possibly–the dumbest Amphigory I’ve ever done. Ha! Here at the bsblog, we aim for ever new heights. (or, er, depths.) Look here for help.

So, my ultra-super-secret-project over the last few weeks is no longer secret, but it’s still super cool. Scribbler is finished (thread on my forums for stats on the book) and I’m quite pleased with it. There’s still a lot of drafting to do, but that’s pretty low key.

I spent yesterday in a marathon write. Got up at seven, wrote until three am, with some breaks in between to do stuff like eat and talk to my wife. It’s kind of funny the feeling I had when I was finally done, at three. I’d written some 24k words that day, and it was like I’d forcibly ripped every bit of creativity and imagination out of my brain and stuck it on the page. My head throbbed, and I had trouble thinking about anything at all. Very strange. I should have fallen asleep right away, but instead I just lay there, feeling numb.

It wasn’t like it was hard during the actual writing process. Everything came easily and flowed rather well. It’s just that when I was finished, if felt really, really drained. More so than other times.

Hopefully, in the next few months I’ll have some news on where we plan to publish this book.

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