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Done! + Mistborn 2 Sample Chapter!

Early this morning, around 4 am, I got the Mistborn 3 rewrite done and emailed it off. Whew! Two days under deadline. That means I can finally relax and get around to reading Harry Potter.

Of course, we can’t rest too long, since we’re getting ready for the release of Mistborn 2. Official street date is a week from tomorrow. In order to prime you, I’ll be releasing the first three chapters here on my website in html form. Chapter One is up and ready to be read!

In completely unrelated news, I have a funny story I just HAVE to tell. Went to see Stardust with some friends on Saturday. (Movie was good, by the way. Go see it.) After the movie, we went to grab some rice pudding at a local rice pudding store. (Did you know they had such things? I didn’t.)

Well, one of the guys I was with is someone of modest fame, particularly here in Utah. As we sat down to start eating, I asked how often he had people walk up to him and say, “Hey, are you….” I was curious, since that’s not something that happens terribly often with authors. (I’ve only had it three times, myself, and each time they had at least my first name as a clue.)

We got into a discussion of such things, and Ken mentioned how it can be kind of annoying. Apparently, there’s a famous character in the Simposon’s Movie who–during the end credits–says something like “Folks, if you see me in public, please don’t rush up to me. Just leave me alone.”

At the VERY MOMENT when Ken said the words “Just leave me alone” a person approached from behind him, put his hands on Ken’s shoulders, and said “Is this really the famous Ken Jennings in my store!”

Right at that moment. Honestly, I had trouble containing my laughter. Ken was pleasant, as always, but considering the context–Ken talking about wanting to be left alone, then having some stranger walk up and begin rubbing him on the shoulders…. Wow.

I’d guess it’s more rough for him, since his face is recognizable. Me, I’m still tickled when someone actually recognizes me or knows my name. (Hey, isn’t there an author with that name…?) I’m hardly anywhere near Ken’s fame, and even he’s still somewhat obscure. Can’t imagine what it would be like to be a rock star or the like.

Anyway, if you happen to see me in public (even if it’s not at a signing) feel perfectly free to say hello and chat. (Also, read Ken’s book! It’s excellent.)

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