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Defeated Again! + FAQ

So, you may be aware that I’m going to Denver this weekend to take part in the Mountains and Plains Book Association conference. Essentially, I’ll sit and be pleasant while independent booksellers wander by and pick up copies (for free) of my books, which I will sign for them and beg them to read.

I did it last year, and it’s a great experience. Usually, at signings, I have to convince people to buy the book. Here, I can just hand it to them! Not exactly the best business model for a regular signing, but it is great here, because these people are booksellers. Hopefully, they’ll like the novel and want to persuade readers to buy it.

So, I got my itinerary via email the other day. I opened it up, completely unsuspecting, and look what I found:


He managed to get one step ahead of me AGAIN! He doesn’t even live in the MPBA area! Not only is he arriving a day before me, but he’s listed in all of the items right before me!

This isn’t even alphabetical order! Coincidence,you say? Poppycock! Obviously, this is just another of his dastardly schemes. I’ll have to watch myself carefully and keep Scalzibane at hand.

In other news, I want to start up a new feature on the Blog. The Brandon Sanderson FAQ. Essentially, I’ll be posting questions that I get very often, then giving answers. These, then, I’ll archive on a separate page on my website (which will be linked each time I answer a question.) Sound good? Well, since I can’t hear your reply as you speak it to the computer screen, I’ll just do it anyway. But not today. This post is already too big.

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