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David Farland Workshop

I keep meaning to post info about David Farland’s novel writing workshop, but I keep forgetting. But, let me post it now, finally. Dave is a great author, and has been a lot of help to me in my career. He’s had tons of advice on the business and how to get published–it was while taking this same class (then offered at the local university) that I finally began to understand what it takes to make it in publishing. Read at the bottom of this post for more information.

Another book tour note–I’ve got a second date set for a signing in Logan, Utah. We’ll be at the Waldenbooks from 4-5:30. So, if you live in Logan, make sure to come see me either at the Waldenbooks or the Borders! Also, know that Dave and I will probably have time around some of our meals to hang out and chat with people. So, if you’d like to get a group of aspiring writers together, or just readers, and take the two of us out to lunch or dinner, it can probably be arranged. Let me know via an email or a post on my forums or my LJ.

Dave’s workshop info:

Who is teaching?
Dave is an award-winning, New York Times bestselling writer in two 
fields.   As an instructor, he has taught workshops in conjunction 
with the Writers of the Future, has taught upper-division classes in 
science fiction and fantasy writing at Brigham Young University, has 
appeared as a guest lecturer and instructor at dozens of conventions. 
Some past students who have recently published include New York Times 
bestselling author Brandon Mull, bestselling fantasy author Brandon 
Sanderson, hot new thriller writer Virginia Baker, and hot new 
children's fantasy author Jessica Day George.

What Will the Focus of the Workshop Be?
This class will focus on what to look for when editing your own work, 
and will teach you how to fix it. We'll be talking about such things 
as 'how to capture a wide audience,' 'how to make your description 
sing,' 'how to heighten the drama and humor in your stories,' and so 
on. In short, we'll be teaching you how to edit the content of your 
story, rather than just looking at stylistic elements. Beyond that, 
this class will deal heavily with the business of writing, how to sell 
to editors and agents, and how to market your books.

Who Should Attend?
This class is best for writers who are serious about getting 
published.  This will be an intensive class, and you will be working 
8-12 hours per day. If you aren't up to that challenge, please don't 
apply. You need to be able to take criticism gracefully and to 
critique others with both gentleness and firmness.  You will need to 
be willing to do the following: 1) Buy and read several textbooks on 
writing before coming to the workshop. 2) Finish the first 25 pages of 
your novel, along with a 5-page outline before coming to the workshop. 
3) Read and critique others? work during the course of the workshop. 
4) Be prepared to rewrite your own work during the course of the 
workshop (which means that you will need a computer or typewriter, and 
get access to a printer).

When and Where Will the Workshop be Held?
March 31 thru April 5, 2008, in Saint George, Utah (Hotel Venue to be 

What Will it Cost?
Tuition is $400. Payment must be made in full in order to reserve a 
spot. If you have to cancel, the tuition will be reimbursed in full up 
to 60 days prior to the workshop. It will be reimbursed at a rate of 
50% from 59 days to 14 days prior to the workshop. But there will be 
no reimbursement if you cancel within 14 days.
To Register or for further information? Email [email protected], 
or phone him at 435-986-3858.

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