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Da Vinci + Annotation

Those who know me probably realize that I didn’t really care for THE DA VINCI CODE in book form. This had very little to do with the ‘controversy’ however. I just didn’t think the plotting and characters of the book were all that good. The ideas presented in many of the asides were very interesting, however. (Though, I don’t think they were all that revolutionary.)

Regardless, I didn’t really want the movie to do big business because I want people to reward movies that represent excellence. DA VINCI has weak characters with poor motivations, along with a flimsy plot.

However, it’s not really a big deal to me. Movies with this much publicity will do well, and I do respect both Ron Howard and Tom Hanks in their professional abilities. What does amuse me, however, is the controversy about the movie’s contents.

I don’t give the “It’s fiction! Why are you so annoyed by fiction!” argument, since Dan Brown insists in his foreword to the book that it’s NOT fiction, but factual. (Not in character, of course, but in theory.)

However, even if it is fact, why protest it? Christians have been struggling for legitimacy in recent years. They complain about discrimination and about people trying to suppress their views. So, what right do you have to do likewise? Yes, Dan Brown has theories that are contrary to some of your doctrines. Assuming he does believe those theories, then why protest him expressing them?

So he implies that Christ wasn’t God. Okay. That’s his belief. Nobody is going to assume that Christians agree with him. So, why go about making such a big stink?

(I guess the exceptions to this rule would be those who believe in the secret sect of Catholicism that provides the villains in the movie. I could see them being upset that their sect was presented so poorly, just like I would be if someone made a movie that claimed all Mormons were killers.)

Anyway, I thought I should weigh in, since I have a blog and all. Here’s an Annotation to wipe the taste of self-important ranting out of your mouth. There is one more of these, which I’ll post on Friday, then we’ll do some other cool things for a month until I start with the MISTBORN annotations.

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