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Couple Quick Notes

There are a couple of quick links I want to add to yesterday’s update post.

The first HERO OF AGES annotation is live! Much thanks to Peter, who is editing/formatting these and getting them ready. The HERO OF AGES annotations will mark a departure for the site in that we’re actually going to be consistent and predictable with them. Peter has them all in hand, and is going to be putting them up on Tuesdays and Thursdays without fail (we actually have a kind of auto-updated set up to see this happens.) I’ll still link them here on my blog, but they’ll be up at midnight, and so you should be able to check and read them long before I link them on the blog.

Here’s a nice video interview I did with Book Spot Central. Like a lot of my recent interviews, there’s not likely to be anything terribly new or earth-shattering for people who’ve been reading the blog consistently, but I think Damon did a good job of lobbing questions at me, and it might be fun for you to see video. Bonus: the camera was a little portable one sitting down on the table, so you can kind of look up my nose!

Kevin J. Anderson
Kevin’s been doing a nice little set of behind-the-scenes essays on the pre-production and publicity he did for the new fantasy novel he released today. The interesting thing about all this is that he also did a rock CD in connection with the book release, featuring some impressive names from classic rock and alternative. Anyway, read the posts here on his blog. That’s not a permalink, I’m afraid—just a link to the front page of the blog. The essay is in four parts, and rather than link them all here, I thought I’d just send you to the front page. Look for the “Anatomy of a Book Release” posts.

If you haven’t noticed, I am indeed on Twitter @BrandSanderson. It’s been nice to give little updates here and there about book progress, the music I’m listening to, or links to publishing-related info. Note that there are three ways to read. 1) On Twitter itself. 2) On my Facebook page (my tweets appear as my status updates there.) 3) On my blog page on my website, my tweets appear in a box on the left-hand corner. These will all contain the same info, so if you’re interested, know that you only need to check one of the three places.

And, finally, I’ll give another nod toward the WARBREAKER release next week. I’d really like to knock this one out of the park, partially to prove the concept of releasing drafts on the internet before hand, partially to justify Tor (and the booksellers) faith in me. It’s a little daunting how well things have been going.

Anyway, WARBREAKER is my best reviewed book so far, with starred reviews in two of the four mainstream review publications (we’re still waiting for the other two to review the book), a glowing endorsement from the Romantic Times, and extremely good pre-press buzz. I do think it’s the best book I’ve done so far. So if you get the chance to mention the release to a family member or friend—maybe even pass the ebook version to them—it would be greatly appreciated. The strength of this books launch will have a great deal to do with the support THE WAY OF KINGS gets.

But as always, if you’re not the type who likes hardcovers, then by all means, wait for the paperback. (Or download one of the free ebook editions I posted). I’m honored you read my writing, whether you get it from paperbacks, from ebooks, from libraries, or by borrowing from friends.

However, if you DO like hardcovers, then I think this a great buy. A beautiful cover, a self-contained fantasy story with a new magic and characters, and a lot of bang for your buck in this economy. Why spend $20 on a 100k word novel when you can get 250k for $28. (Indeed, why spend $10 on a two hour movie when you can spend $28 and get twelve+ hours of story—and with better special effects.) Epic fantasy: entertainment in bulk!

On a more serious note, let me offer one more argument for giving the book a read. Here’s what a SFWA Grand Master had to say about it:

Brandon Sanderson has written an heroic fantasy depending on originality of character and plot. His heroines and heroes are outstanding — especially Vasher, the Warbreaker, whose special relationship with his sentient sword is both sardonic and sinister. The mysteries of life after death, of identity and destiny, the politics of magic, are unveiled through three-dimensional characters. Not only has Sanderson drawn a freshly imagined world and its society, he has also given us a plot full of unexpected twists and turns. In subtle prose, noteable for its quiet irony, Sanderson tells the story of two sisters and the god they are doomed to marry. Anyone looking for a different and refreshing fantasy novel will be delighted by this exceptional tale of magic, mystery and the politics of divinity. It’s fair to say Warbreaker might even take your breath away!
                                                 —Michael Moorcock

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