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Cool Stuff For You

Instead of doing an annotation today, I think I’ll post some interesting goodies for variety’s sake.

The first is something I’m very excited to display. It’s an illustration that a BYU student did of ELANTRIS as part of their BFA project. You should be able to see it below (assuming my coding is correct.) Otherwise you can find it on her web site. RIGHT HERE

The artist’s name is Brittany Heiner, and I think she did a fantastic job of rendering Sarene. (The books represent Raoden, and the vials represent Hrathen.)

Secondly, I did an article on how I get my ideas for the ezine Deep Magic. You can find a download of the entire magazine RIGHT HERE. I’d recommend the entire magazine to you–it looks very nicely put together, and has a long history of being a quality ezine.

If you want to talk about either the picture or the article, there are forum topics started Here for the Art. Here for the article. I’ll be back with another annotation on Friday!

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