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Contest Update + Warbreaker

First off, new Warbreaker Chapter: Chapter Forty-Eight

Also, as always, you can find out more about Warbreaker on this thread.

A week and a half into it, I’m beginning to feel good about the Mistborn 3 rewrite. I’ve managed to hammer the kinks out of some of the early problem chapters. The nice thing about rewriting, for me at least, is that it tends to get easier and easier as I go along. I begin with a long list of things I want to accomplish, and as I finish these things (most are things I can fix by inserting or deleting a couple of things from a few chapters) my list gets shorter and shorter until only the largest ones (the things that affect lots of chapters) remain. Though the list has only lost a few items so far, it is shrinking, and I feel very good about what I’ve done.

In news for the contest, Ms. Fish suffered a setback! It appears that she, author that she is, couldn’t resist beginning work on a new book instead of doing her revision. I ALMOST did this myself, with Dragonsteel, and so I know exactly what it feels like. The difference is, I have an editor and an agent breathing down my neck, so it’s a little bit harder to justify working on a project I know should be put off.

Finally, here’s another comic that made me laugh. Warning, it’s mostly only for people who play fantasy role playing games.

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