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Contest, Prints Sold Out, Updates

Over at Pat’s Fantasy Hotlist, Pat is running a contest where one person will win one autographed copy of THE GATHERING STORM. The contest has no geographical restrictions, so check it out. (And if Pat isn’t already on your blogroll, stick around and see what else he has to say about what’s new in the genre.)

The Mistborn Table of Allomantic Metals sold out its limited edition print run within about the first 30 hours. I did not expect that to happen, but I’m pleased at its reception! I’ll let you know when we get the cheap poster versions ready for ordering, and we’ll certainly be doing more things like this in the future. (Though I do hope the next one will take much less than a year from initial design to availability.)

In the most recent MISTBORN 3 annotations I discuss the Urteau cache (including a spoiler) and more about the first ball scene in Fadrex.

In this week’s Writing Excuses podcast Dan, Howard, and I talk again with Larry Correia, “that guy who did everything wrong and still got published.” This time we discuss self-publishing and the pitfalls inherent in it. Give it a listen!

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