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Come see me at Salt Lake Comic Con FanXperience tomorrow!

Hey everyone in Utah, I’ll be at FanX on Saturday, so you should come on down. I know a lot of you want to get Firefight signed—the booth I’m signing at won’t have copies (though we will have some of my older big titles), but the Shadow Mountain booth will have Firefight, or you can bring your own. I’ll be happy to sign any of my books you bring.

I’m doing a panel with Dan Wells where we shoot the breeze and take a bunch of audience questions. My most significant panel of this convention will be the Infinity Blade panel I’m doing with the folks from ChAIR. We’ll also have a very limited number of convention exclusive hardcovers of Infinity Blade: Redemption for sale at the signing.

I hope to see many of you there! Here’s my full schedule.

1:00–1:50 p.m. Room 250A
The Brandon and Dan Show
Brandon Sanderson and Dan Wells on writing and anything else.

2:00–2:50 p.m. Room 250A
The Infinity Blade Universe
Brandon joins Donald Mustard, Creative Director, and Geremy Mustard, Technical Director of ChAIR Entertainment to discuss their collaboration on the Infinity Blade series. The panel will be followed by an autograph signing and release of the limited edition hardcovers for Infinity Blade: Redemption, the latest novel in the series.

3:30–5:30 p.m. Badali Jewelry Booth #1410
Brandon Sanderson, Donald Mustard, & Geremy Mustard Signing
The Infinity Blade: Redemption exclusive hardcover will be available at the signing. There should be a few other books for sale, but if you want to buy Firefight stop off at the Shadow Mountain booth (#2007) before coming to the signing. Badali will also have Cosmere jewelry for sale at the signing.

The expo floor closes at 6:00 p.m.

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