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New Writing Excuses, #FaqFriday Poll Results + Updates

In this week’s new Writing Excuses episode, Narrative Bumper Pool, with Bill Fawcett and Carrie Patel, Brandon, Mary, Mary Anne, and Wesley talk revision. Revision: it’s when you make a too-short piece longer, or a too-long piece shorter. (It’s also a great many other things, suggesting that this description is a too-short piece in need Read the full article…

Tweets June 2017

BrandSanderson Thu Jun 01#FAQFriday poll results. If you want to see the full questions you can visit Brandon’s website using the link below… link BrandSanderson Fri Jun 02#FAQFriday #CosmereQueries pic BrandSanderson Mon Jun 05#MistbornMonday speed painting by @mikebonales. You can watch it here: link pic BrandSanderson Mon Jun 05I sent a few items to @Worldbuilders_ Read the full article…

Tweets February 2017

BrandSanderson Wed Feb 01We just released 150 extra copies of the Mistborn leather bound on the website store. link BrandSanderson Wed Feb 01Want to win a tablet loaded with books from link and The Portalist? Here’s how you can: link YataVSTheWorld Fri Feb 03@BrandSanderson Hi, the Comunity has a doubt, We have two WoB: Shardblades Read the full article…

Tweets October 2015

Toliol Thu Oct 08#ShadowsOfSelfie #KillMe #Mistborn w/ @BrandSanderson @NovaCiFi @GigameshTienda pic PeterAhlstrom Thu Oct 08@Toliol Oh cool, I haven’t seen the export trade paperback. The spine picture is at the top, eh? Toliol Thu Oct 08@PeterAhlstrom I’m #PantocratorToliol and my work is spread the Word of @BrandSanderson in Barcelona (Spain) üìöüòâüëç pic BrandSanderson Thu Oct Read the full article…

Tweets July 2015

BrandSanderson Wed Jul 01Now you can read chapter 2 of Shadows of Self, the Mistborn book that comes out in October. Earlier links at top. link jonsieg Thu Jul 02@BrandSanderson any chance you’ll be at @slcomiccon in September? Since basically in your extended backyard? Or other Utah appearances BrandSanderson Thu Jul 02@jonsieg @slcomiccon I’m out Read the full article…

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