Current Projects
Oathbringer (Stormlight 3) fourth and fifth drafts
34 %
Snapshot novella release
100 %
The Dark Talent (Alcatraz 5) release
100 %
Edgedancer (Stormlight novella) release
100 %

Tweets February 2017

BrandSanderson Wed Feb 01We just released 150 extra copies of the Mistborn leather bound on the website store. link BrandSanderson Wed Feb 01Want to win a tablet loaded with books from link and The Portalist? Here’s how you can: link YataVSTheWorld Fri Feb 03@BrandSanderson Hi, the Comunity has a doubt, We have two WoB: Shardblades Read the full article…

Tweets October 2015

Toliol Thu Oct 08#ShadowsOfSelfie #KillMe #Mistborn w/ @BrandSanderson @NovaCiFi @GigameshTienda pic PeterAhlstrom Thu Oct 08@Toliol Oh cool, I haven’t seen the export trade paperback. The spine picture is at the top, eh? Toliol Thu Oct 08@PeterAhlstrom I’m #PantocratorToliol and my work is spread the Word of @BrandSanderson in Barcelona (Spain) üìöüòâüëç pic BrandSanderson Thu Oct Read the full article…

Tweets July 2015

BrandSanderson Wed Jul 01Now you can read chapter 2 of Shadows of Self, the Mistborn book that comes out in October. Earlier links at top. link jonsieg Thu Jul 02@BrandSanderson any chance you’ll be at @slcomiccon in September? Since basically in your extended backyard? Or other Utah appearances BrandSanderson Thu Jul 02@jonsieg @slcomiccon I’m out Read the full article…