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New Writing Excuses, #FaqFriday Poll Results + Updates

In this week’s new Writing Excuses episode, Narrative Bumper Pool, with Bill Fawcett and Carrie Patel, Brandon, Mary, Mary Anne, and Wesley talk revision. Revision: it’s when you make a too-short piece longer, or a too-long piece shorter. (It’s also a great many other things, suggesting that this description is a too-short piece in need Read the full article…

Tweets June 2017

BrandSanderson Thu Jun 01#FAQFriday poll results. If you want to see the full questions you can visit Brandon’s website using the link below… link BrandSanderson Fri Jun 02#FAQFriday #CosmereQueries pic BrandSanderson Mon Jun 05#MistbornMonday speed painting by @mikebonales. You can watch it here: link pic BrandSanderson Mon Jun 05I sent a few items to @Worldbuilders_ Read the full article…

Tweets October 2015

Toliol Thu Oct 08#ShadowsOfSelfie #KillMe #Mistborn w/ @BrandSanderson @NovaCiFi @GigameshTienda pic PeterAhlstrom Thu Oct [email protected] Oh cool, I haven’t seen the export trade paperback. The spine picture is at the top, eh? Toliol Thu Oct [email protected] I’m #PantocratorToliol and my work is spread the Word of @BrandSanderson in Barcelona (Spain) üìöüòâüëç pic BrandSanderson Thu Oct Read the full article…

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