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Stormlight 4 & 5 outlining
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Starsight (Skyward 2) final proofread
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Stormlight 4 rough draft
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MTG: Children of the Nameless release
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Tweets September 2017

BrandSanderson Fri Sep [email protected] #FAQFriday time! BrandSanderson Fri Sep [email protected] I know you’re all excited (rightly) about Oathbringer, but I just finished the first draft of the Apocalypse Guard, and it is SWEET. 🙂 BrandSanderson Mon Sep [email protected] #MistbornMonday art by Ben McSweeney (AKA: Inkthinker) of a Steel Inquisitor. BrandSanderson Tue Sep [email protected] Chapters Read the full article…

Tweets August 2017

BrandSanderson Tue Aug 01Incredible #StormlightArchive fan art by Lyraina. You can see more of her art at: link pic BrandSanderson Tue Aug 01I added a video to a @YouTube playlist link I’m making a mess with the papers, vol. 3 BrandSanderson Tue Aug 01I added a video to a @YouTube playlist link I’m making a Read the full article…

Tweets July 2017

BrandSanderson Sat Jul 01If that is you driving the white Outback bearing a Stormlight Symbol through American Fork, hi. 🙂 pic BrandSanderson Mon Jul 03Thanks, Julia Wilson for this exceptional #MistbornMonday art of Vin. Great work! pic BrandSanderson Thu Jul 06I just signed and left a ton of signed books at the Jordan Landing Barnes Read the full article…

Tweets April 2017

BrandSanderson Mon Apr 03#MistbornMonday – This was from an awesome reader in Barcelona that I was able to meet last fall. pic BrandSanderson Tue Apr 04Working away at the fourth draft (incorporating beta reader comments) and fifth draft (final polish) of Oathbringer. Slow but sure progress. BrandSanderson Thu Apr 06One of my (Adam) favorite peices Read the full article…

Tweets March 2017

BrandSanderson Wed Mar 01Check out this amazing Parshendi fan art! pic BrandSanderson Thu Mar 02I believe this rendering of Syl was given to Brandon while he was on tour in Barcelona this past year. pic BrandSanderson Thu Mar 02SLC airport Simply Books by gate C7: There are still plenty of signed books here! pic BrandSanderson Read the full article…

Tweets January 2017

BrandSanderson Tue Jan 03Karen just finished reading the applications for Brandon’s BYU class. You can read her wrap-up post here: link BrandSanderson Wed Jan 04Amazing Vin fan art! pic BrandSanderson Wed Jan 04New @WritingExcuses episode plus chapter 11 of @torbooks continuing reread of #Warbreaker link BrandSanderson Thu Jan 05The Oathbringer beta read invitations have gone Read the full article…

Tweets November 2016

BrandSanderson Tue Nov 01Lucca Comics! My signing at 16:30 has been moved to 14:00, because of the Magic draft with fans at 15:00. BrandSanderson Tue Nov 01I’m still in Europe on tour and wanted to give you a heads-up on Arcanum Unbounded. link BrandSanderson Tue Nov 01Goodreads Choice Awards: The Bands of Mourning is nominated Read the full article…

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