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Alcatraz 4 Chapter Six

Whew! Those were some boring chapters, weren’t they? I know you really didn’t want to hear—in intricate detail—about the workings of the Nalhallan sewer systems. Nor did you care to get a scholarly explanation of the original Nalhallan alphabet and how the letters are based on logographic representations of ancient Cabafloo. And, of course, that vibrant, excruciatingly Read the full article…

Alcatraz 4 Chapter Two

So there I was, holding a pink teddy bear in my hand. It had a red bow and an inviting, cute, bearlike smile. Also, it was ticking. “Now what?” I asked. “Now you throw it, idiot!” Bastille said urgently. I frowned, then tossed the bear to the side, through the open window, into the small Read the full article…

Alcatraz 4 Author’s Foreword

I am an idiot. You should know this already, if you’ve read the previous three volumes of my autobiography. If, by chance, you haven’t read them, then don’t worry. You’ll get the idea. After all, nothing in this book will make any kind of sense to you. You’ll be confused at the difference between the Free Kingdoms Read the full article…

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