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Alcatraz 2 Chapter Two

This is the second book of the series. Those of you who have read the first book can skip this introduction and move on. The rest of you, stay put. I’d like to congratulate you on finding this book. I’m glad you’re reading a serious work about real world politics, rather than wasting your time Read the full article…

Alcatraz 2 Chapter One

So, there I was, slumped in my chair, waiting in a drab airport terminal, munching absently on a bag of stale potato chips. Not the beginning you expected, is it? You likely thought that I would start this book with something exciting. A scene involving evil Librarians, perhaps—something with altars, Alivened, or at least some Read the full article…

Alcatraz 2 Author’s Foreword

I am a liar. I realize that you may not believe this. In fact, hope that you don’t. Not only would that make the statement particularly ironic, but it means you have very far to fall. You see, I know that you Free Kingdomers have heard stories about me. Perhaps you’ve seen a documentary or Read the full article…

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