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Oathbringer Sample Chapters

Currently the Oathbringer sample chapters are hosted on All of Part One of the book will be available to view on their website, three chapters each week until the book is released. Enjoy!

Snapshot Chapter Two

  Davis couldn’t help wondering how the people in the diner would react to knowing they were dupes. The fat lady behind the counter, going over receipts. The two white guys in flannel and trucker caps, chewing on Reubens and grunting at each other. The mom with a gaggle of kids, hushing them with force-fed Read the full article…

Snapshot Chapter One

Anthony Davis—one of only two real people in a city of twenty million—caught the burrito his partner tossed to him. “Which end is the mustard on?” he asked. “Mustard?” Chaz replied. “Who puts mustard on a burrito?” “You. What side?” Chaz grinned, showing perfect white teeth. They were fake. After taking that bar stool to Read the full article…

Firefight Prologue

Prologue I watched Calamity rise. I was six years old then, as I stood in the night on the balcony of our apartment. I can still remember how the old air conditioner rattled in the window next to me, covering the sound of Father’s crying. The overworked machine hung out over a plummet of many Read the full article…

Words of Radiance Sample Chapters

Currently the Words of Radiance sample chapters are hosted on Prologue, chapter 1, chapter 2 Chapter 3, chapter 4, chapter 5 Chapter 6, chapter 8, chapter 9 Chapter 10, chapter 12, chapter 14, interlude 1 Interlude 9

Steelheart Chapter Eleven

This chapter was originally posted on MTV Geek on July 13th, 2013. My first move was to go back in and toss Roy’s rifle, which he had been crawling toward, out the door. Then I checked on the two other soldiers. One was dead; the other had a weak pulse—but he wasn’t going to be Read the full article…

Steelheart Chapter Ten

No, skipping from the Prologue to Chapter Ten is not an error. So far, only the Prologue and Chapters Ten and Eleven have been revealed. This chapter was originally posted on MTV Geek on July 13th, 2013. I crossed the street toward my flat, hands in the pockets of my jacket, fingering the roll of industrial Read the full article…

Steelheart Prologue

This was originally posted on A.V. Club on May, 16, 2013. I’ve seen Steelheart bleed. It happened ten years ago; I was eight. My father and I were at the First Union Bank on Adams Street. We used the old street names back then, before the Annexation. The bank was enormous. A single open chamber Read the full article…

Towers of Midnight Chapter Eight

The Seven-Striped Lass Mat sat on a worn stool, his arms leaning against a dark wooden bar counter. The air smelled good—of ale, smoke, and of the washcloth that had recently wiped the counter. He liked that. There was something calming about a good, rowdy tavern that was also kept clean. Well, clean as was Read the full article…

The Way of Kings Chapter Six

Chapters 4 through 6 are currently available exclusively in audiobook form to members of and will be posted here at a later date. If you would like to listen to them now, head over to required).

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