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Elantris Alternate Ending Material

(WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS!) Welcome to the final bit of ELANTRIS deleted scenes. On this page, you’ll find a group of things that were cut from the climax of the book, including an alternate ending to the Raoden/Sarene/Dilaf fight in Teod. First, however, I’d like to make a sincere request that if you haven’t read the Read the full article…

Elantris Deleted Scenes 2

(WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS!) Welcome to the second batch of ELANTRIS deleted scenes. The largest single cuts all had to do with the Mad Prince sections, and so I don’t know if these deleted scenes will be as interesting to you. However, I do have a few little tidbits that you might find interesting. Mostly, these Read the full article…

Elantris Deleted Scenes: The Mad Prince

(WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS!) These scenes occur near the end of the book, and involve a character I cut completely from the novel. Eton was Raoden’s brother, and was introduced later in the book as a secondary villain. Telrii now fits the roles Eton once did. (For more explanations, see the annotations dealing with these chapters.) Read the full article…

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