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Annotation Warbreaker Chapter Thirty-Six

Siri Grows Her Hair for Susebron and Talks about Seduction I think these two chapters best show off the tone reversals I was trying for in this book—and explain partially why I was all right with those early chapters being so different from the prologue. Following Vivenna’s biggest chapter for shocks, surprises, and failings, we Read the full article…

Annotation Warbreaker Chapter Thirty-One

Vivenna Visits the Idrian Slums Vivenna probably should have expected what she would find here. She knows that the slumlords, who are Idrians, run whorehouses and illegal fighting leagues. However, she deluded herself into assuming that they employ Hallandren whores or that the fights aren’t all that bad. I think this would be a hard Read the full article…

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