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Camping + Deleted Scene

Sorry for the lack of update on Friday. I was, against my will, again forced out into nature to endure the tribal ritual known as ‘Camping.’ It was quite loathsome, as you might imagine. There were bugs. And, like, bears and things. There was, however, fire. That’s always a plus.

I did take the opportunity to finally, after years of being told I should, read through a Pratchett book. I’ll throw up a review this week, if I manage to get around to it.

Until then, enjoy this short deleted scene. (Okay, so it’s really a revised scene. But, that’s close enough. Scroll down to the last one on the page–I’ll be adding these all to the same page, one after another, as I build this collection of scenes. So, the new ones will always be at the bottom.)

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