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Calamity Preorder

Hey, all! Shockingly, there’s another book launch around the corner! Calamity releases one week from today. I feel like I just did this…because I did. The Bands of Mourning, as you know, was a somewhat accidental book—and Tor slotting it in January meant that my normal release schedule of fall book/spring book has been somewhat upended.

My biggest worry about The Bands of Mourning coming out was that it would steal the thunder from Calamity—which, as the conclusion of a series, deserves as much trumpeting and attention as I can give it. This is indeed the final book of the Reckoners, and an ending is always bittersweet for me.

Sweet because I really, really like endings. And series finales get to be even more explosive than single-book endings. (I will refer you to The Hero of Ages and A Memory of Light as examples.)

It’s bitter, of course, because the journey is over and this is our last chance to spend time with the characters. However, I’ve often said that a piece of art can’t really “show off” until it is done. I haven’t ruled out the idea of doing more in the world of the Reckoners, but the story is finished. If I return, it would have to be something new, like the transformation that Mistborn has undergone.

If you haven’t tried the Reckoners, this would be an excellent time to start—you could read the first two books and be ready for the third one when it comes out right around the corner. Indeed, Firefight was just released in paperback and Steelheart is $1.99 in ebook right now.

As a sweetener, and to give the books a proper send-off, we’ve whipped up some very cool goodies for the release. Right now, if you preorder from various bookstores listed below, you’ll get a preorder goodie pack. The showpiece of this is a short graphic novel we whipped up, based on Mitosis, the story that takes place between books one and two. This is my first graphic story (though it’s only 12 pages), and it looks fantastic. The only way to get it is to preorder from these specific stores.

Also included are several punch-out figure cards, like we’ve done for previous books. These ones star David, Prof, and Megan. You also get pins from the books! Basically, the goodie packs are awesome. As a note, however, supplies will be limited—and there might be a cutoff date to when you can preorder and still get one of these. So call ahead to the store you’ve chosen, and make sure you get on the list.

The copies of Calamity that come with the goodie packs will all be signed as well. So if you get a preorder pack, I’ll have already scribbled in your book!

Some stores are providing the bundle of goodies with online preorders, while others are doing it only in-store or over the phone. I recommend that you contact each store directly for details. Here are the bookstores that are participating in the #EpicBookstore promotion:

Salt Lake City
Bay Area
Bellingham, WA
St. Paul
Lansing, MI
  • Hastings stores
  • Weller Book WorksSOLD OUT


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