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Brian McClellan’s Sins of Empire

Adam here. Brian McClellan is a favorite with members of team Dragonsteel; you can read previous posts from Isaac and me experience more uncontrollable gushing about The Powder Mage trilogy, specifically The Crimson Campaign and The Autumn Republic.

Brian recently released his follow-up to The Powder Mage trilogy with Sins of Empire that builds on the all the ideas set forth in the previous books. The setting switches from Adro to the capital city of Fatrasta, Landfall. Here we see a repressive government headed by Lady Chancellor Lindet and her psychopathic right-hand man, Fidelis Jes leader of the secret police known as the Blackhats. Unease is increased as the native Palo, the most subjugated of Landfall, begin to secretly campaign about the atrocities of the government via a manifesto called The Sins of Empire which begins to steer the populace toward rebellion. To quell the imminent insurrection, Lindet tasks powder mage Vlora and her Riflejack Mercenary Company to defend the city and keep order. Meanwhile, Fidelis Jes orders one of his blackhats, Michel Bravis, to investigate the origins of The Sins of Empire and bring in the individuals responsible. Things become more complicated for our cast as Mad Ben Styke, falsely imprisoned by Fidelis Jes, escapes a prison work camp with the help of the enigmatic Gregious Tampo, who is too well-informed and resourceful to be the mere lawyer he claims to be. The book finishes in standard McClellan fashion: in a furious, visceral, and relentlessly thrilling melee that became a familiar sensation during the original trilogy.

Needless to say, Brian is one of the first authors I recommend to people when they ask for recommendations. If you like Brandon’s books–and since you’re reading this I will assume you do–these should suit you fine.

Also, our resident artist Isaac–who also said, “this is Brian’s best book to date”–also did the map work for these books and you can check them out below!

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