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Breaking into the YA Market & MISTBORN 3 Annotations

In this week’s Writing Excuses podcast, Dan and I were joined at CONduit by Robison Wells (who happens to be Dan’s brother) and Janci Patterson (who happens to be an alpha reader of mine as well as a former student). Both have recently signed YA book deals, so this episode talks about how to break into the young adult market. (Like the previous podcasts from CONduit, this one was also recorded by the Dungeon Crawlers Radio folks. Thanks, guys!)

This week’s MISTBORN 3 annotations finish up the penultimate chapter of the book. The first one covers [enormous spoiler removed] and the second covers [yet another spoiler removed]. If you haven’t read the book, don’t read these annotations—and go get the trilogy! There’s a handy paperback box set of the trilogy available (and the story is finished at the end of the third book). We’ll also be returning a signed trilogy bundle to my store very soon, most likely later this week.

If you didn’t catch the WAY OF KINGS preview last week, head over to to read the first three chapters. This is not the last preview they’ll be hosting, but it will have to tide you over for a few weeks. We’re also working out final details of the book tour and how to order numbered copies. Stay tuned.

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