Current Projects
Stormlight 4 & 5 outlining
88 %
Starsight (Skyward 2) 5th draft
100 %
Stormlight 4 rough draft
47 %
MTG: Children of the Nameless release
100 %

Brandon’s LTUE Schedule 2006

Stop over at BYU on Thursday Feb 16th through the weekend for a free science fiction/fantasy convention. Kevin J. Anderson is the guest of honor. I’ll be on the following panels:

Thurs. 1:00 pm: magic in fantasy (M)
Fri. 9:00 am: Creating a sense of wonder
Fri. 12:00 pm: Muddy or magical middles
Sat. 9:00 am: Exquisite or endless ends
Sat. 2:00 pm: Autograph Session
Sat. 5:00 pm: No Longer Stuck in the Medieval
Sat. 6:00 pm: Structure in fiction

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