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Brandon Sanderson’s Worldcon 2004 Schedule

Brandon will be on several panels this week at Noreascon 4. The events are listed by topic with the date and convention room following. Names with (m) after then are the pannel moderators.

How Does the Magic Work?
Thursday 1:00pm H206
Susan Casper
P. C. Hodgell
Katherine Kurtz
Laurie J. Marks
Katya Reimann (m)
Brandon Sanderson
Magic needs its own rules, or it becomes a game where the author can do anything at any time. Discuss how to build and maintain a consistent and believable system of magic.

Breaking In (0.5 hrs)
Saturday 1:30pm H204
Joshua Bilmes (Brandon’s agent)
Moshe Feder (Brandon’s editor)
Brandon Sanderson
Author, agent, and editor talk about how to get that first novel sold.

Angels and Aliens, Magic and Marvels?
Sunday 12:00 n H307
Anne Harris
Elizabeth Hilgartner
Ben Jeapes
James Morrow (m)
Brandon Sanderson
Is there an inherent disconnect between believing in a Divine presence and being able to really enjoy science fiction and fantasy? Or, can they complement each other, leading to a greater appreciation of both?

The Writer and Moral Responsibility
Sunday 2:00 p H302
Carol Berg
Joe Haldeman
Chris Moriarty
Benjamin Rosenbaum
Deborah Ross
Brandon Sanderson (m)
So you write a book about a serial-killer-vampire, and find out that a disturbed 14-year-old kid has decided to play out that fantasy . . . Arrgh!!!? Talk about this, and related issues. Where does the buck stop?

Teaching/Advising SF/F/H at Religious Institutions
Monday 1:00 p H203
Dennis Perry
Sally Taylor
Brandon Sanderson

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