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Brandon Sanderson’s Conduit 2005 Schedule

Here are the panels/events I’ll be participating at this year’s Conduit. (Held in Salt Lake at the “Prime Hotel Salt Lake City Convention Center” on May 27th–29th. See more at this link.

First off, I’ll be doing a reading (my first ever) at 6:30 on Friday the 27th. This would be an excellent time to get your book signed!

Next, I’ll be on a few panels:

[Writing] Dear Heloise: Advice to the Unpublished (Panel, 1 hr) Friday at 1pm
If your desk drawer is overflowing with rejection notices or unfinished manuscripts, then you’re probably not happy. Come to this panel, where you will hear advice to help you get published.

[Writing] The Flawed Hero (Panel, 1 hr) Friday at 3pm
Heroes who can do everything and never risk failure are about the most boring heroes we can imagine. This panel will discuss how to give your hero those all important flaws, the feet of clay that will keep your reader turning pages.

[Literature] Monsters and Heroes (Panel, 1 hr) Sunday at 5pm
The hero is no longer the nice looking character, and the monster is no longer the beast with green skin and fangs. What’s happened to these story telling conventions, and why?

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