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Borders Blog

As many of you know, I feel bad that I don’t have much time lately to hang around on forums (even my own) and chat with my fans. People often send me emails saying “With all you do, how do you even find time to sleep?” I…well, sometimes I do have trouble finding time for sleep. 😉 It’s been a busy few months for me that is probably going to turn into a busy few years. Interaction with my readers is something very precious to me, but forums can be a HUGE time drain—and I’ve figured that generally, keeping my blog and Twitter updated is more important, with occasional appearances on my LJ or Facebook to answer questions. (I do read each reply on my facebook, LJ, and each email sent through my website, just so you know. I see them, even if I don’t always reply.)

Well, Borders has approached me and asked me to be part of a discussion on their new SF blog for two weeks. I figured that two weeks was a short enough time commitment that, counting it as part publicity, I could commit to it. So I’ll be logging on there at least once a day to chime in on the current discussion. If you’ve been wanting to talk to me and ask questions, you’re free to do it there—though do try to keep on topic as best you can, and know that I won’t have a TON of time to be posting there.

I’m still planning to let someone (probably Peter) corner me and pull out of me details about the Mistborn ending, along with perhaps some hints on Realmatic Theory, Adonalsium, the Sixteen Metals, and Hoid. That will be separate, and I’ll probably have Peter start another Q&A thread on my own forum, followed by he and I going out to dinner and he asking me questions in person without a place for me to escape or a computer for me to distract myself. 😉

One other cool bit of news—a little love (finally) for those of you in France. I sold rights to my books there years ago, but we’ve been waiting and in a holding pattern as an Orbit imprint was created. Well, it looks like things are moving forward, and we should see Elantris in France this fall. Huzzah! (And remember, Mistborn launches in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland this fall as well.)

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