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Book Tour

So, I got a call from Dave Wolverton (a.k.a. David Farland) last week. He suggested that we do a book tour together. The newest Runelords book will be coming out in paperback around then, and he plans to have a children’s book out as well.

He’s willing to put off his tour until ELANTRIS comes out, and is also willing to set up dual-author events, letting me tag along and learn the ropes.

I, of course, energetically agreed. This will be a wonderful experience for me. Dave has a lot of contacts, and he knows quite a bit about the business of publishing. I wasn’t planning to do a book tour–I wouldn’t even know where to start.

But, now it looks like I’m going to do one. So, those of you in California, Oregon, and Washington, keep an eye on the site so you’ll know when I’m coming to town!

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